Cavity Wall Ties Replacement

Due the marine environment of Sydney, wall tie corrosion has become a common issue of ties installed during construction. The ties Helicrete use are manufactured using high quality marine grade 316 stainless steel material, which won't corrode.

Wall Restraint

The need for restraining bowed and leaning walls is quite a common one. This can be due to several different reasons and one of the more common ones being the lack of lateral restraint when the building was first built, or a change in the site conditions such as close excavation or demolition works.

Heritage Restoration

Helicrete can carry out a range of heritage restoration work from re-pointing to brick replacement, replacing timber windows and doors, and everything in between. We have worked on building's dating back to circa 1400 AD

Hydraulic Post Drivers

​The vibrating post driver offers a number  of  clear advantages over traditional falling weight machines. 

The jaws on the Postmaster are hydraulically operated and can accept different size posts. If you have more than one machine that you want to use the Postmaster with, it is simple to interchange the Postmaster between machines by the use of a different mounting bracket/hitch for greater flexibility than others on the market.

  • Cost savings from quicker set up - start installing posts sooner
  • Faster install times
  • Lower Maintenance costs of plant
  • Fuel savings from utilising small plant vs tractors etc
  • Transportation costs reduced from using smaller plant, eliminates flat bed truck charges to site each way

Screw Pile Services and Equipment

Lintel Replacement Sydney

Expansion Joints

Expansion joints may need to be created from defects such as thermal expansion and contraction, brick growth, foundation movement. There are various methods for the creation of expansion/movement/control joints. All involve cutting through the face of the masonry with the use of cutting saws, grinders or even chain saws with diamond teeth. We carry all the specialist cutting equipment.

Repointing Brickwork

Brick and stone work that has been weathered or been damaged needs repointing and the mortar colour matched or changed altogether.

Hydraulic Post Drivers

Helicrete Specialise in all aspects of wall crack repairs, structural repairs, cavity wall tie replacement and asset rehabilitation.

The methods and products we use when coupled with our many years of industry experience produce repairs that stand the test of time.

We work on Residential and Commercial buildings ensuring your property retains its value from sympathetic repair techniques.

Crack Stitching

Using sympathetic and hidden repair methods, which will reinstate the original structural integrity, Helicrete is able to effectively repair your cracked masonry in your bridges, brick arches, heritage listed buildings, residential and commercial buildings internal or external.

Lintel Replacement

The most common need for lintel replacement is from corrosion, which results in lifting and cracking of masonry or concrete around the embedded steel lintel. We can replace your corroded lintels for new Galvanised or Stainless Steel.

Screw Piles and Underpinning

​We commonly use a 60mm diameter shaft screw pile but they also come in 76mm and 89mm for the purposes of restricted access situations.

There can be different size and configuration of helices on the lead sections and with our calibrated dial gauge, working with different ground conditions and a required load capacity is made easy. With our portable handheld screw pile equipment we are able to gain access through as little space as a door way if required. 

At Helicrete, we cater the needs of businesses and home owners. We are one of the most knowledgeable and experienced cavity wall tie installation companies in Sydney, who are able to provide a wide variety of installation methods of cavity wall ties at an affordable price. We offer cavity wall ties Sydney and are able to select and offer the appropriate repair depending on your building's issues. Furthermore due to the products we use and out experience we are able to make the repairs near invisible.

Based on the cavity wall tie manufacturer's innovative repair details Helicrete is able to offer a wide range of cavity wall tie replacement in Sydney, which are ideal for masonry repair and reinforcement systems. The wall ties we install have the required strength and durability, and comply with AS 2699. This system has been in use for over 30 years to successfully stabilise 1000's of structures the world over.

Our many different types of remedial wall ties are able to provide structural support for a wide range of building materials such as brick veneer, timber framed, concrete or steel frame. They are available in Marine Grade 316 stainless steel and as such are ideal for use in  coastal locations due to their corrosion resistance.

There are multiple benefits from our range of remedial cavity wall ties being used in Sydney such as:

No extra stress is imposed on bricks by installation of the ties.

Easy and quick to install by our trained and qualified technicians.

The cavity wall ties can be installed from either side of the wall, i.e. internal or external.

Non-destructive installation.

Water transfer is not permitted across the cavity due to wall tie profile.

All our work carries a 10 Year Guarantee!

Handheld Screw Pile Driver

​Utilising a separate power pack, allowing the equipment to be used in confined spaces or areas of limited access such as inside or beneath buildings. It is ideally suited to locations where there is limited access, as it can even be taken through the property if required, due to it's compact design.

 Wall Crack Repairs and Wall Tie Replacement in Sydney & Central Coast

Structural Repairs

If you are having problems with subsidence, cracked brickwork, bowing, or leaning walls we can help.​ Helicrete will repair and halt your structural defects. 

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Cavity Wall Tie Replacement - Helicrete

Excavator Mounted Torque Heads

For Underpinning foundations and much more. We can supply you with the equipment and screw piles.​​
Choice of mounting brackets allows the 500X to be fitted to excavators from 1.5 to 6 tonnes, and allows screw piles 
installation at a wide range of angles.

Concrete Repairs

There are many causes of concrete cancer such as lack of coverage around the reinforcing steel. Magnesite topping exposed to moisture. Poorly designed waterproofing details. As the embedded steel corrodes it expands in volume and causes spalling of the surrounding concrete, often referred to as concrete cancer. Effective concrete repairs will extend the life span of the damaged structure.

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