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As Helicrete is an approved Helifix installer we work closely with Helifix's own in house engineers and consult them on the correct spacing of the ties which depends on a number of factors. Furthermore we chose these ties as part of our major assignment for the Cert IV B&C to work out whether they comply with the Australian Standards. We are pleased to say they do. The ties spacing are based on the wind category, the topography, shielding etc. so we can determine the correct spacing of the ties to comply with the standards. There are many pop up companies now days who have no clue as to how the ties comply.

Working to Australian Standards 

AS3700 Masonry Structures - Again this is the bare minimum. If your builder or bricklayer is not working to this standard they are breaking the law under the

(BCA) Building Code of Australia!!

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​​We specialise in wall tie replacement.

Corroded or Failed Wall ties? We can fix it!

At Helicrete, we cater for different cavity wall tie replacement jobs for all individuals and businesses Sydney wide. We are one of the most reputable wall tie replacement service providers, who offers these services at an economical price whilst not cutting quality. Our team of professional technicians offer wall tie replacement in Sydney for various office buildings, commercial premises and homes. Once installed you will never need to change our wall ties again as they are manufactured using high quality marine grade 316 stainless steel material, which won't corrode.

Due the marine environment of Sydney, wall tie corrosion has become a common issue of ties installed during construction. Detecting this is a hard job in itself, which is why our technicians use a metal detector to locate the defective ties, a 6mm wireless camera is used to inspect the cavity along with and brick removal to confirm the condition of the ties. If left untreated the consequence can lead to the exterior masonry of the cavity collapsing. Wall tie replacement is a fast and cost effective option available to eradicate the issue. Our professionals have a vast experience in cavity wall tie replacement. So, if you are in search for an experienced professional company for wall tie replacement in Sydney, feel free to contact us.

The need for cavity wall tie replacement can also be due to an inadequate spacing at the time of construction. At Helicrete, we offer you a cost effective solution and the knowledge to properly diagnose your issue by installing our high quality grade 316 stainless steel wall ties. We offer our wall tie replacement services for both domestic and commercial building structures all over Sydney. For any questions or queries, you can contact us by phone or drop us an email. Give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you with your enquiries regarding your cavity wall tie replacement concerns.

We ensure the ties are going to work by carrying out a pull test on each and every job we do to ensure the ties are going to do their intended job. We select the correct drill bit diameter for the masonry, i.e. dry pressed brick or extruded, and also the drilling action used, percussion or SDS. Percussion has a faster cutting action while SDS is more of a hammer action, This makes all the difference to how well the ties will perform once installed.

If your installer doesn't insist on a load test on the ties, show them the door!!

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We can locate the existing wall ties by use of metal detectors, visual inspection via wireless camera and examination of the cavity by removal of a brick(s).  Before, During or After the ties are installed we are able to test them for a proof loading as can be seen in the photos above.

​We have seen many times where the wrong drill, drill bit, or even the wall tie installation method selected has been incorrect and you can literally move the end of the exposed tie with your finger!

 Having been to jobs to instruct other remedial building companies' tradesmen, on the correct procedure and installation of replacement cavity wall ties, you can rest assured we know what we are doing. We have installed tens of thousands of ties in Sydney.

Helicrete is dedicated to doing the job correctly with integrity and doesn't like to cut corners. We typically exceed the required pull-out force for replacement cavity wall ties by selecting the correct diameter drill bit and using the correct drilling action when creating the tie's pilot hole. Through experience we know when the tie is securely fixed during installation, if we aren't satisfied we will install another tie in close proximity. We would rather carry out the work correctly than just install the cavity wall ties and take the money.​​

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Cavity Wall Tie Replacement

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