Structural Repairs and Wall Stabilising

Helicrete is able to carry out your structural repairs and wall stabilising.

If you are having problems with subsidence, cracked brickwork, bowing, or leaning walls we can help.

"Refurbish cracks in wall & archways for double garage by installing stainless steel spirals in between the bricks giving back structural strength in the wall & bringing the appearance of the two storey house back to its original state.

The stitching of the archways was carried out to ensure more stability also. Work was carried out in a professional & tidy way in which I would highly recommend. The workers were always prompt on site & were very polite."

Gordon - House owner Bossley Park, NSW.


Case Study 1.

The above and below images are from a recently completed arch stabilisation job. The engineers for Helifix in the UK were consulted, sent drawings and photos along with copies of the original house plans. Our original design for the repair was altered slightly to satisfy the engineer's requirements and the work was carried out without any hold ups. There were two masonry beams (Helibeams) created above each arch and Cemties @ 450mm x 7 inserted through the soffit of the arches. The Cemties were installed up past the first masonry beam and the middle Cemties in each arch reached the underside of the second beam. The Helibeams on the left hand side arch (Arch 1) were wrapped around the corner by 2.5m, along with bow ties being driven into the joist ends to work as a composite restraint to prevent any further lateral movement. The original arches had suffered movement due to the lack of lateral buttressing by the brickwork supporting the above loads.

The work was completed in 5 Days and much to the satisfaction of the home owner allowing him to sell the property and pass on the warranty to the new owner!

The repairs and design for the arch repair work that was carried out by us at Helicrete, is the first Helifix Insurance backed warranty issued in Australia.

A proud moment for Helicrete!


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Australia's Best

​Having the installation experience of over 10 years, and the director of Helicrete being ex Helifix Australia employee, and also having previously worked for the largest Helifix Approved installer in the UK, with our knowledge and installation experience we can substitute or adapt a repair method to suit an individual situation as necessary. We work closely with Helifix's in house engineers to come up with a suitable repair detail and as such can often reduce installation costs and time spent on the job.

We have in the past been able to adapt installation methods in order to eliminate the need to extend or alter swinging stages, this greatly saved on down time and on costs to the builders.


Case Study 2.

​The below work was completed in Feb 2016 and is another Helifix insurance backed warranty job we completed. The building is located in Marrickville, Sydney.

The design in this case was by a consultant engineer contracted by a local builder. Helicrete were chosen by the builder to carry out the works and it was completed in approximately 10 working days. There were 14 lengths (98m total) of 7m x 6mm Helibars installed at 3-4 course vertical centres (see red lines in photo below). ResiTie were installed in a 450 x 450mm grid formation due to the existing ties being corroded and defective.

The wall was in a very unstable condition suffering from years of weathering in the harsh Australian conditions.

Firstly we decided to install the ResiTies (cavity wall ties) due to concerns over the stability of the wall and these were installed through the junction of the perp and bed joints.

After the wall ties were installed the 14 chases were cut in the bed joints (between the bricks) to house the 6mm Helibar. Once completed the bars and tie installation holes were pointed over using a mortar mix dyed the same colour as the existing, by adding oxides it gives the remedial brickwork repairs an invisible finish.