At Helicrete we specialise in all aspects of wall crack repairs, structural repairs, cavity wall tie replacement, asset rehabilitation and building renovations. The methods and products we use when coupled with our many years of industry experience produce repairs that stand the test of time. We work on Residential and Commercial buildings ensuring your property retains its value from sympathetic repair techniques, which leaves you with peace of mind.

Concrete Resurfing

Helicrete can resurface your driveway, pathways, stairs and other concrete surfaces with a range of difference colours. You can also opted to have a textured look for driveways or pathways to it either add that unique look and feel or just for that extra grip for your vehicles on sloping driveways. The choice is yours!


Using sympathetic and hidden repair methods, which will reinstate the original structural integrity, Helicrete is able to effectively repair your cracked masonry in your bridges, brick arches, heritage listed buildings, residential and commercial buildings internal or external.


Brick and stone work that has been weathered damaged over time will need repointing, matching the mortar colour or even changing the mortar colour altogether.


Restumping involves replacing the stumps that hold up the house or property. When the stumps move from their original position this can cause problems such as structural building cracks and floor movement.


The need for restraining bowed and leaning walls is quite a common one. This can be due to several different reasons and one of the more common ones being the lack of lateral restraint when the building was first built, or a change in the site conditions such as close excavation or demolition works.


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Kitchen, Bathroom & Laundry Renovations

Looking to renew or redo your kitchen, bathroom or laundry? Look no further! We take pride in our work as if it were our own. With our clear knowledge of the Australian Standards and our attention to detail, your wet areas will become your pride of your home!


Due the marine environment of Sydney, wall tie corrosion has become a common issue of ties installed during construction. The ties Helicrete use are manufactured using high quality marine grade 316 stainless steel material, which won't corrode.


The most common need for lintel replacement is from corrosion, which results in lifting and cracking of masonry or concrete around the embedded steel lintel. We can replace your corroded lintels for new Galvanised or Stainless Steel.


Helicrete can carry out a range of heritage restoration work from re-pointing to brick replacement, replacing timber windows and doors, and everything in between. We have worked on building's dating back to circa 1400 AD


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Helibeam Installation

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There are many causes of concrete cancer such as lack of coverage around the reinforcing steel, magnesite topping exposed to moisture and poorly installed waterproofing. As the embedded steel corrodes it expands in volume and causes spalling of the surrounding concrete, often referred to as concrete cancer.


Problems with subsidence, cracked brickwork, bowing, or leaning walls? We can help!​ Helicrete will repair and halt your structural defects.


Expansion joints may need to be created from defects such as thermal expansion and contraction, brick growth, foundation movement. There are various methods for the creation of expansion/movement/control joints. All involve cutting through the face of the masonry with the use of cutting saws, grinders or even chain saws with diamond teeth. We carry all the specialist cutting equipment.

Damp Proof Injection

The chemical Injection Damp Proof Course System has been a proven system for over 38 years. This system is a fast and clean way to protect and repel rising damp from buildings walls.

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