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Screw piles being installed for builder to support a pre-fabricated Granny Flat with limited access to rear garden. Even with the rain during the day the piles were installed within several hours allowing for the tight schedule to be maintained.

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Masonry beams can be created within the structure to help distribute loads over a greater distance.

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Screw Pile Underpinning 

Helicrete can supply or install screw piles for underpinning of failed foundations or for supporting new structures. We commonly use a screw pile with a shaft diameter of 60mm. Utilising different size and configuration helices on the lead sections depending on ground conditions and required load capacity. With our portable equipment we are able to gain access through a door way if required.

Other pile shafts available, 76mm and 89mm. The installation equipment is either hand held for restricted access situations, or machine mounted on an excavator or skid steer/ etc. Our equipment comes with a calibrated dial gauge which corresponds to motor pressure and installation torque for working out bearing capacity.

Resin underpinning - Does it really work.

​There has been a lot of hype recently over the use of resin injection methods to underpin buildings, but does it really work, you be the judge and view our thoughts over at our blog page https://www.helicrete.com.au/helicrete-blog.html