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Lintel Replacement​

The most common need for lintel replacement is from corrosion. Similar for the need for cavity wall tie replacement, when either element has its protective coating damaged then corrosion can take place. This can result in the steel expanding from 7-12 it's sectional area. This also results in lifting and cracking of masonry or concrete around the embedded steel. When this damage occurs to concrete it is often referred to as concrete cancer/concrete spalling.


We can remove the existing lintel and install the new one, with flashings above if required. We will where possible save as many of the original bricks and re-use them, and where necessary find a match for any that are damaged to give as close to an invisible repair as possible.

Lintel Replacement

Helicrete can replace your lintels, cavity wall trays and flashings.

Concrete, Stone and Steel Lintels Repaired Or Replaced