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Autoguide Equipment  has designed and built a custom Midi Postmaster mounted to a mast with 5 axis of movement to enable maximum adjustment to install posts at a wide range of positions and angles. This was then mounted on a specially designed purpose chassis and driven a set of Hinowa expanding tracks for additional stability. When coupled with Kubota 4 Cylinder Turbo Diesel Engine. The whole system was powered using hydraulics off of a simple to use console.

After testing, the machine was painted to the customer's company colours, delivered and is now installing over 400 posts a day in a field, in Chelmsford England.

Machine Features:
Midi Postmaster – our standard post vibrator.
5 Axis Mast – enabling extensive movement.
Custom Chassis – designed to withstand the high offset loadings.
Hydraulic Control – ease of use across the industry.
4 Cylinder Kubota Engine – Increased Power and reliability.
Expanding Hinowa Track Base – extra stability but compact for transport.
Pilot Operated Tracks – reactive 2 speed control for simple driveability.

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Tasmania - Exclusive PostMaster Dealers

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Custom Built Self Propelled - Tracked Post Driver With 5 AXIS Mast

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Helicrete Exhibiting the Midi PostMaster at Civenex 

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PostMaster Range Ideally Suited To:

  • Councils
  • Vineyards
  • ​Agricultural Contractors
  • Fencing Contractors
  • Civil Contractors
  • Jetty Construction
  • Landscape Gardners
  • ​Retaining Walls

PostMaster Specifications

Hydraulic Post Drivers 

Easy Adjust​ment

The jaws on the Postmaster are hydraulically operated and can accept different size posts. They can be adjusted by simply removing the pin and relocating it, widening or decreasing the opening width as can be seen below, and then by increasing the oil flow to the attachment the jaw will close and grip the post. Once the flow is increased further the PostMaster will begin to vibrate.

Unrivalled Versatility 

If you have more than one machine that you want to use the Postmaster with, and as long as it is matched to the hydraulic specifications in the above table, it is easy to interchange the Postmaster between machines by the use of a different mounting bracket/hitch. Simply remove the four bolts on the mounting bracket, and then bolt it to your other machines bracket/hitch (custom bracket required) allowing greater flexibility than conventional falling weight post drivers on the market.

Jaws accept a large range of profiles, Round, Square, PFC, UB, Road Barrier etc. Hollow, Solid, Metal, Concrete, Composite and Timber.

Postmaster Advantages

 The vibrating post driver offers a number  of  clear advantages over traditional falling      weight machines:​

  1. Fast set up time no need to keep repositioning for perpendicular installation. (Tractor Mounted).

  2. Can be easily and safely operated by one man.

  3. ​Safer in Operation with less risk to installer from falling weights.

  4. ​Versatility improves production and reduces down time, resulting in increased productivity and earnings.

  5. ​Quieter.

  6. ​Improved Accuracy.

  7. ​Minimal ground disruption.

  8. ​Minimal damage to posts.​

  9. ​Posts can take full load immediately, no waiting for concrete to set.

  10. ​Unlike many other machines, posts can be extracted, re-positioned and re-used.

  11. When not in use simply detach it and store the Postmaster away, not like other stand alone vehicles.

Postmaster​ Range

The jaws are easily adjusted to suit the type of post and material offering a strong connection for Grabbing, Positioning, Driving and Extraction

The PostMaster require 2 hoses for operation. (Double Acting Aux. Circuit). Fits directly to the bucket pins.

The Mini Postmaster  is suited to machines in the 1.5-3 tonne range and accepts posts from 70-150mm.   


​The Midi Postmaster  is suited to machines in the 2.5 - 5 tonne excavators, small skid steer loaders, back hoes, telescopic handlers, and boom arms. It has a clamp that accepts round or square posts from 70-200mm.

TheMaxi PostMaster fits excavators from 5– 8 tonne.  Larger machines can be used with flow restriction. Jaws for posts up to 250mm. 

The Maxi has been designed with full time contractors in mind, with double the live energy of the Midi it boasts hard hitting performance with refined accuracy and speed.