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400H Hand Held Screw Pile Driver


400 H

Through Head Design

Calibrated Torque Gauge

400 H

Ergonomic Controls

Simple Forward and Reverse Lever


​The Handheld Hydraulic Screw Pile Driver 


Screw Piles

Screw Piers

Utilising a separate power pack, allowing the equipment to be

used in confined spaces or areas of limited

access such as inside or beneath buildings. 

Longer hoses can be utilised so that the power pack is remotely

located, ideal if working in a noise sensitive location and to prevent

the exhaust gases building up in an unvented area such as confined spaces.

It is ideally suited to locations where there is limited access,

as it can even be taken through the property if required, due to it's compact design.

​- Hydraulic power permits continuous operation.

​- Ideal for 60, 76 and 89R screw piles – ultimate capacity 240KN.

​- Instant Torque readout from calibrated gauge.

- Unique ‘Through Head’ pile driving system allows

  installation of long piles in one piece. The unit is operated from

  around waist height, not like other manufacturers models which

  are operated from above head height. This reduces the likelihood

  of manual handling injuries to the installer.

​- Quieter operation – power pack can be remotely situated from

  installation area by using longer hydraulic hoses.

​- Compact design allows installation close to existing


​- High torque reversible motor by ergonomically designed handle.

​- Telescopic torque arm is lightweight for ease of use and transportation.

  All of which help you to comply with Workcover legislation.