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Helifix Repair Detail MJ01

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Expansion Joint Creation

We use various methods for the creation of expansion/movement/control joint creation. All involve cutting through the face of the masonry with the use of cutting saws, grinders or even diamond tooth chain saws. We attach vacuums to limit the amount of dust created which are very effective, or on some equipment water is used for dust suppression. Some of the PWM dust suppression equipment we use, Helifix Australia now sell after our recommendation on their quality and ability.

Expansion joints may need to be created from defects such as thermal expansion and contraction, brick growth, foundation movement etc.

On older structures they weren't created at the time of construction and the effects of movement can be quite noticeable due cracking and bulging. 

First the reason for the expansion joint needing to be installed should be addressed. After the underlying issue has been identified and resolved the expansion joint can be created. The expansion joint will allow for the movement of the brickwork/stone/concrete in a liner motion. The façade is restrained by use of wall ties and with control/expansion joint ties inserted into the bed joints/horizontally. We typically use and install our expansion joints referring to to the Helifix system of repair methods (MJ01/MJ02) and Materials. 

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Expansion Joint Creation and Repairs