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Fair Trading Home Building Contractor Licence Check

Crack stitching carried out for Buildcorp Asset Solutions at University of Sydney

Helicrete adds the category of General Concreting to their company contractor licence 247579C

Helicrete completes Waterproofing Compliance & Inspection, and is to undertake training for CPC31411 Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing

with Master Builders Association NSW. Part of our CPD program.

Concrete Cancer repairs. Remedial Cavity Wall Ties, Crack Stitching. Corroded lintel replacement and cavity flashings for Jigsaw Building.

200m of crack stitchingHelibars and Cemties used to repair parapet walls. Corroded lintels replacedcavity wall ties replaced, patch pointing for builders Rohrig.

Fair Trading Home Building Contractor Licence Check

Helicrete to undertakes training for Workcover High Risk licence class (SB) Scaffolding Basic. Allowing for the erection of prefabricated modular scaffolding over 4m, such as Kwikstage and Aluminium towers etc. Training by Scaffold Training Australia.

Fair Trading Home Building Contractor Licence Check

Helicrete adds the category of Waterproofing Technician to their company contractor licence 247579C

Helicrete attends 3 day training held by Australian Construction Training for the Workcover high risk licence class (WP) EWP 11m+ articulated boom platform.

Helicrete completes the Recognition of Prior Learning process and has overseas qualifications recognised and add the category of Carpenter to their company contractor licence 247579C

Crack Stitching upper level wall, and Bow Ties installed to floor joists to restrain walls during and after demolition for Lahey Constructions.

Internal crack stitching carried out in several units of a strata apartment block for the owners corporation in Fairlight.

Helicrete removed the magnesite topping and concrete cancer. Use of sacrificial anodes and  poured new concrete to kitchen floor in Manly. Under supervision of engineers BAAM Consulting.

Below are some of our recently completed works in and around Sydney

Helicrete repairs cracked masonry and installs wall ties to development in Chippendale for builders Nordarcon Pty Ltd

Helicrete stabilises masonry arches to residential property and issues the first Helifix insurance backed warranty in Australia!

Helicrete installs replacement cavity wall ties and 2 x 6m expansion joint creation to residential property in Earlwood

Helicrete repairs cracked masonry walls and installs cavity wall ties @ Coogee Senior Citizens Club next to Coogee Oval

For builders Momentum Built Pty Ltd

Helicrete installs 1300 x 220x8mm Dryfix wall ties at Vaucluse for builders Probuilt Projects Pty Ltd.


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