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About Us

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Our Core Values

What Sets us apart from the others?

You have high expectations of us and so do we!

Our main values would have to be Trust and Integrity.

  • A continual thirst for knowledge within this industry and an ability to rapidly adapt. Constantly striving to do better then before and ever seeking for improvement.
  • An in depth knowledge based from varied work and experience in a broad area of construction so we have dealt with these building defects before, we know what to look for and know how to repair it.
  • We genuinely care about our customers and doing right by them. We will treat your property as though it is our own, being respectful of it and your neighbours.
  • Helicrete Pty Ltd has also held the position of building manager for the three years at a complex of 40 units near Manly, Sydney so we have great interpersonal skills.
  • Having previously worked for the UK's largest Helifix installer we have covered every repair detail in the Helifix repair manual several times over in different countries, dealing with the issues associated with those climates and construction standards.
  • We are happy to take the time with our customers to explain what it is we are going to do and why it is necessary for the correct outcome.
  • Working with integrity and trust we are fully transparent in what we do.
  • We have worked long and hard to build up trust and respect in the industry and it matters to us to keep it that way.

​​ Jeremy Foster, the Director of Helicrete has a strong work ethic, with a dedication to a high standard of workmanship, and firmly believes in doing the job right and doing it once. 

"It is far better to take a little more time and effort to ensure there are no call backs"

"With over 15 Years experience in the construction industry, Jeremy has a wide and varied set of skills which allow him to look at a job from a different angle and overcome any obstacles that may arise."    


We Carry Out Work For:
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Property developers
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 Building Managers
Government bodies and Officials

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​Tel: (02) 4308 9901

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ABN: 83 155 600 749

Contractor Licence: 247579C

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