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A wide range of pile brackets and terminations to suit your requirements.

Alternate configurations can be fabricated to your specifications

Building on poor soils can be overcome with screw piles.

A fast engineered solution which can take loads immediately.

Underpinning Foundations

Conical Pile is designed to resist lateral loadings - ideal  to mount solar panels and wind turbines to.

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500X / XG Torque Heads

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Piling Contractors
Underpinning Foundations

Underpinning in Sydney 

500 X

500 XG

  The 500X is the head of choice for installing 60R Screw Piles.

Underpinning foundations
Piling Contractors

We can supply you with the equipment and screw piles.

Choice of mounting brackets allows the 500X to be fitted to excavators from 1.5 to 6 tonnes, and allows screw piles 
installation at a wide range of angles.
Fixed speed unit tailored for excavators.
​- Widely used throughout the industry.
​- Choice of boom or Gimbal mounting.
​- Approved by all leading manufacturers.
​- Installation torque of up to 5,000Nm.
​- Gimbal mount improves operator safety
allowing horizontal loading of piles (XG Model)